Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Oral-B professional care 8000 review

I have been using the new Oral-B professional care 8000 toothbrush for the past month, instead of my regular toothbrush. I'm really impressed by the toothbrush, which you can buy on Amazon for £35.34 which is amazing value for such a quality toothbrush. Most brushes that have all these extras cost over £60.

This product boasts 40,000 pulsations a minute and 8,800 side-to-side movement per minute which is obviously far greater than I was able to achieve with my manual brush, whilst also preventing against over-brushing. One of the most impressive and unexpected features of this product, for me, was the battery life. Using it twice a day for the recommended two minutes I was amazed that the battery lasted 3 weeks! Even more impressive than the two weeks that the packaging states! So there is no excuse not to take your brush with you away if you're going to a festival as you don't need a charger!

The built in timer on this toothbrush is also briliant to help you to clean your teeth by encouraging you to spend equal time on all areas of your mouth. There is a short stuttering sound every 30 seconds, prompting you to move on to the next area and then a longer stutter at the two minute mark signaling the optimum time to stop as recommended by dentists. The only negative aspect is the noise of the brush is quite loud and drill like!!!

So what do you think? Do you use an electronic toothbrush or a normal one?
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