Thursday, 16 July 2009

Garnier Pure Active Review

My sister has been trying out the new Garnier Pure Active range over the past month and has written a review for me about how much she loves these new products! I don’t have oily skin, so have just been using the ‘Spot-on Roll on’ when I have any annoying spots and am really impressed by how quickly this works. It leaves you with a tingling sensation at first, but if you use it before you go to bed, it helps to clear your skin by the morning!
According to my sister, over the past four weeks the Pure Active range has significantly improved the quality of her skin. My sister has always spent a fortune on Clinique’s anti-blemish range saying it is the only range that works on her skin, so is really pleased with the results for the Pure Active range as they are much cheaper!! Her favourite products are the Blackhead Scrub and the Moisturiser – two products which normally are a nightmare for her to use of her face, especially moisturisers which can make oily skin a lot worse!
The Blackhead Scrub is reasonably priced at £4.99 and has a creamy texture that leaves skin feeling clean but also smooth – which other products have not done in the past. It contains exfoliating micro-beads and Salicylic Acid to helps clear blackheads and fight the appearance of spots and marks. My sister has already repurchased this product (PA products are currently on offer in Superdrug!) after using religiously for the past four weeks and can’t live without it now!
The Pure Active Moisturiser is priced at £5.99 and fights spots before they appear, hydrates your skin but doesn’t leave it shiny which is essential for people with oily skin! It helps to purify and mattify skin to protect against spots even before they appear - which my sister has confirmed! Overall she has noticed that her skin is much smoother and less shiny, so she can now wear less foundation.
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