Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Johnsons Baby Lotion - what a classic!

Johnson's Baby Lotion is a cult classic that everyone has known about for years - I am obsessed with the smell! Well, they have launched a new 'Baby Soft' range that hits the shops at the end of this month. I love the Baby Soft Wash(£2.99) that also contains baby lotion to help replenish moisture even when washing – perfect for busy girls who don’t always have time to moisturise afte showering.. tut tut!!! I must admit as I have dry skin, I still moisturise after showering when using this product but if you have normal skin then this should be fine! It's also suitable for babies if you have one (which I don't!) It's also £2.99 for a shower cream and moisturiser - bargain! Who else doesn't moisturise evey day after a shower? Some of my work colleagues said they only moisturise once a week, so I was a bit shocked!
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