Thursday, 18 June 2009

Body Shop Olive Glossing Conditioner

I have read quite a few reviews online about the Body Shop's Olive Glossing Conditioner, so was keen to try it out for myself! I'm a big fan of Tigi haircare products, so it will take an amazing product to convince me to swap brands! I straighten my wavy hair a lot, so I need a deep mositurising conditioner that will control my hair and relax it at the same time.

The Olive Glossing conditioner is a moisturising and gloss-enhancing conditioner that helps to smooth the hair, which I agree with, although you need to use the conditioner several times to really benefit. I noticed my hair was much smoother after using the conditioner for two weeks. It also helps to combat flyaway hair and recapture lost shine, leaving the hair looking glossy, healthy and full of body, without weighing it down too much. Lots of conditioners actually end up completly flattening your hair making it look limp and unhealthy, where as this conditioner makes your hair look healthy and sleek at the same time. Finally, it also protects from environmental damage and heat styling which is extremely important for me as I spend a lot of time out in the sun and straighten my hair regularly! There are two downsides to this product - the price and the smell! I don't really like olives, so the smell doesn't inspire me like Tigi and Herbal Essences products do. Secondly it's £5.35 for a fairly small bottle that I don't see lasting that long! However, these two aspects aside I do recommend this conditioner and will be buying it again as I have noticed an improvement in the softness and condition of my hair thanks to it's protecting qualities.
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