Monday, 8 June 2009

Neutrogena Wave Cleanser review

The past month I have changed my skincare cleansing routine and finally got round to getting one of the most ‘buzzed’ about products this year - the Neutrogena Wave Power Cleanser. It’s the number one selling cleanser stateside, which is incredible for such a new product.

Is it me or new products this year seem to all vibrate?! First mascara and now cleanser...! The Wave Power Cleanser comes complete with 14 cleanser pads and 1 AA battery and costs around £13. It opens your pores with a cool cleansing foam that can clean deep to remove more dirt, oil and make up than traditional cleansing – which I agree with as it really feels like my skin is much cleaner and smoother. It’s also fantastic for cleaning your face on the go, as it doesn’t spray everywhere and make a mess so you can take it travelling with you! If you want super smooth skin, and you’re skin isn’t too sensitive then I really recommend this product! Has anyone else tried the cleanser and what do they think?

PS You can also get £1 off at !

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