Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Aldi beauty products review - YSL Touche Eclat dupe!

I was sent a few products from Aldi to try out, which are all priced under £4. I thought I'd write a review about my favourite product from the range & the one I was most intrigued about before hand after hearing quite a lot about in the press - the Lacura Concealer Pen (£3.49) I am a Touche Eclat addict & swear by mine, but the £3.49 price tag, compared to £22 for Touche Eclat is too good not to try out. 

First impressions are the packaging is not as nice but I can deal with that as I don't always judge a product by its packaging ;-S According to the blurb, the light reflecting particles in this concealer pen are perfect for covering and concealing fine lines and dark shadows under the eyes - reducing signs of fatigue and tiredness. As you can see from my photo below, the concealer is actually quite thick and provides good coverage which I was really surprised at a I expected it to be quite thin and weak. It isn't as good coverage as TE but if you have young skin like mine then you don't really notice the difference.

Touche Eclat is available in three shades, 1, 2 and 3, where as the Lacura Concealer pen is available in two shades - Savanna and Cashmere. I actually have chucked the box out and the shade isn't written on the pen which is a bit frustrating if you can't remember what shade you bought This shade will be too light for me in summer, so I'll probably have to buy the darker shade then!

Overall I'd recommend this product as it costs £3.59 compared to £22 and the difference isn't worth £16! The real test will be too see how long the Lacura Concealer pen lasts, as my Touche Eclat does last quite a long time and doesn't dry up. So get down to Aldi and check out the beauty bargains - my boyfriend loves the anti-ageing night cream which is only £1.99. A couple of years ago this cream performed really well in a blind testing on a TV show (can't remember which one!) over all the expensive night creams!! 
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