Monday, 15 June 2009

Lovely day at the beach....!

I had a lovely day at the beach yesterday with my boyfriend and family so thought I'd write about what products I used to keep me looking and feeling cool throughout the day!

Before setting off, I used Simple Sensitive Protecting Facial Hydrolotion (SPF 25) and Simple Sun Sensitive Protecting Lip Balm (SPF 20) which both smell lovely and feel great on your skin, even if you have really sensitive skin. It's also really important to protect your eyes from the sun's damaging UV rays, so worth investing in a quality pair of sunglasses. Polaroid Sunglasses have a great reputation and heritage for quality glasses, and help you to see clearly (my gran SWEARS by Polaroid glasses), as well as protecting your eyes. The Extreme X4907B model (£73.99) is an excellent all-rounder that provides total eye protection and looks stylish too, providing you with great vision thanks to it's polarized lenses.

I also used:
- Malibu Babes Sun Protection Lotion SPF 20 Malibu Babes have some trendy products, with great packaging that contain ingredients like Carrot - yummy!
- Nivea Cooling After Sun Spray is a refreshing formula with aloe vera, provitamin B5 and vitamin E which helps restore your skin's lost moisture, soothe and protect against premature skin ageing. It's really easy to use and smells lovely and is extra soothing on sun-exposed skin! Definately a must-have for your holiday!
- Boots No 7 Colour Calming Make-up Base (£10.50) calms overly-rosy complexions with this clever colour corrector. Cool, sea-green tones neutralise unwanted blushes all day long, leaving your skin looking beautifully even. I used this to even out my skin tone, before applying foundation after having a slighty rosy face after all day in the sun !Let me know if you have used any of these products and what you think! How have you all been enjoying the sun?
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