Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Garnier BB Cream photos

Here are a few photos of me trying the Garnier BB Cream this morning. I didn’t have much time as I was getting ready for work, but took a few shots after just using the BB cream and a touch of bronzer too on the second photo.

 Eeek! My skin just with the BB cream

 I do feel slightly apprehensive especially on a hot day not wearing a more matt foundation and concealer/powder, but here we go, my skin with just the Garnier BB cream.

The cream is quite thick and goes a long way which is good. It is really easy to apply with your fingers and blends in well with my medium toned skin. The finish is very dewy and natural so if you have oily skin you may not like it. It does feel like a tinted moisturiser, mixed with serum actually which I love during summer when I have a tan and feel healthy! Not sure about the depths of winter or on a night out! Will keep using and test more thoroughly, and see how shiny my face is at the end of a hot day like today…

BB cream plus Diorskin Nude Glow Healthy Glow Summer Powder in Aurora 

For £9.99 it’s a bargain and saves me applying moisturiser, primer, foundation etc which will be better for my skin in the long run. Thoughts?

Monday, 1 August 2011

Garnier BB Cream

After reading on several beauty blogs about the hyped Garnier BB Cream I went out and bought it at lunchtime today in Superdrug for an affordable £9.99. You can also buy online now with free delivery from the Superdrug website, which is great if you don’t have access to a Superdrug. As usual Garnier have come up with an innovative product for the mass market, so credit to them for hitting the shelves before luxury brands such as MAC.

Garnier BB Cream on my desk today!

For those of you who don’t know much about BB cream, it stands for Blemish Balm (most of the time) however it may be called other things because of copyrights on the name Blemish. BB cream is billed as the answer to all your skincare woes in a single tube. It brightens skin in the same way a primer does, evens out complexion like a lightweight foundation or tinted moisturiser, covers blemishes like a concealer, has the hydrating properties of a moisturiser, soothes skin like an anti-inflammatory, contains UV protection — so no need for sunblock — and has the sort of anti-ageing ingredients more commonly found in serums. It originates from Asia after hitting the market in 2005 and as known as 'the South Korean actress’s secret'. Garnier have launched just two shades (light and medium) at the moment, so you may not find a perfect match but hopefully as the coverage is sheer it should suit most people!

I can’t wait to try out tonight and let you know what I think. Who has tried a BB cream and what do you think? Is it worth all the hype?
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