Friday, 16 March 2012

L'Oreal Paris Nude Magnifique BB Cream review

Continuing my review of BB creams, I have tried out the new L'Oreal Nude Magique BB Cream (£9.99 from Boots/Superdrug). It is designed to recreate the texture and glow of perfect nude skin, it is aimed to be feather light on the skin and has smart pigmentation capsules that correct tone, cover imperfections and refines the skin texture. This texture reminds me of Soap and Glory Glow Job Moisturiser, which has bronzer included to brighten up your face and changes colour when you apply it to your skin. It also promises 24hour hydration with an SPF 12 (which does seem low for BB creams as they are usually at least SPF 15)

My favourite BB cream I have tested so far is the first one I ever tried, Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector which offers the most complex, complete coverage. I also love Maybelline BB Cream which my sister bought me from Thailand, which isn’t out the UK yet but offers a similar coverage. Where Garnier is dewy and gives a tinted moisturiser level of coverage, Nude Magique uses pigments so the cream starts out white and as you blend the pigments are released. The end result you can see here:

BB cream blended in to my skin
As you can see this medium shade matches my skin tone fairly well. However I have found the coverage to not be as complete as other BB creams, and I have applied foundation on top! I suggest you may prefer to wear this BB cream as a primer/skin brightener under foundation if you don’t have photo perfect skin! I do love the smooth texture of Nude Magique and am happy with the colour match with my skin. I know some people have complained the colours are either too pale or ‘orange’ looking!

What do you think is the best BB cream out in the UK at the moment? I haven’t tried Estee Lauder or No7 yet, are they worth trying out?   
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