Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Win a trip to Paris with the Montagne Jeunesse #MakeYourMask competition

 Have you ever thought you could create a face mask that offers skin benefits and makes you feel great? The face mask experts at Montagne Jeunesse have launched a competition to find the next big thing to join their face mask range, and they want your help!

Which ingredients would you put in your dream face mask? Avocado, berries, coconut, cream? Share your secret with them by snapping a photo of your ingredients and uploading using the hashtag #MakeYourMask to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! 

The winner could end up having their very own mask joining the MJ range as well as see themselves off to Paris! No pic, no worries! Just tell us what you'd use to #MakeYourMask in the caption box on Facebook here. Good luck!

I have listed my entry below, which contains dark chocolate with pomegranate and acai. A superfood, antioxidant surprise. 

Dark chocolate
Cocoa hydrates your skin, making it firmer and more supple. And dark chocolate contains high levels of flavonols, a potent type of antioxidant. 

They're packed with polyphenol antioxidants which fight free radicals and regulate skin's blood flow, giving it rosiness. When applied to skin, the fruits' antioxidants help smooth lines and moisturise

These tiny purple fruits are one of the most potent forms of antioxidants in the world, and as such, are fabulous for skin health, as they help to eliminate toxins and free radicals in the body

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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

The story of my wedding!

I can’t believe over a month has passed since my wedding day! We had the most fantastic day at the stunning Villa Kennedy Hotel in Frankfurt, Germany with 65 of our friends and family, plus a "minimoon" in the Rheingau and Spain. After months of preparation, the day flashes past in a second. It’s so emotional and special having all your favourite people around you to share the day, a totally unique experience that will never happen again. Especially very grateful for my friends and family travelling over to Germany and experiencing a German wedding. 

I thought I would share with you more details of our big day, plus some photos of my makeup and outfits. I kindly received some bridal makeup from NARS, which I kept unused until the big day as I wanted it to be special and different from my normal look. I met with Jenny my make-up artist a few weeks before the wedding and asked for a violet bridal look, inspired by a feature I saw in Brides Magazine. It also matched our purple theme of the wedding. I've listed below all the products used to create my look, that’s not even include the hair products used by the hairdresser! My advice to anyone getting married is allow an extra hour on top of what you anticipate and use a professional makeup artist if you are unsure. That’s what I did, having that time to relax whilst having my makeup done was so nice and stress free - and I managed to arrive at the church on time! Everything seems to fly by and you want your make-up and hair to be perfect and not rushed.

The NARS products I used were fantastic and lasted throughout the whole 14 hours, with just two extra products used to top up throughout the day. It’s worth spending that bit extra on a makeup artist and having quality products that will look perfect for the camera. Everyone commented on how flawless my makeup was – and these photos haven’t been edited yet! At first I thought I had a bit too much makeup on but it was perfect for the photographs and long-lasting. Finally I had Shellac nails done a week before the wedding and they were fantastic as I knew they wouldn’t chip and matched the bridesmaids’ dresses perfectly just for that splash of colour.

A close up shot of my make-up! Selfie from the wedding car! I'm so glad I whitened my teeth before the wedding as well!

Individual false lashes (make-up artists own)
Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in shade “Native”
Make-up Forever eyeshadow in Purple

Products from NARS:
Oil free primer
Santé Fe sheer glow
Radiant Creamy concealer in vanilla
Light Reflective Loose powder
Empire soft touch shadow pencil in Empire
Brousse Duo eye shadow
Volumising mascara
Blondie Eye shadow (for brows)
Laguna bronzer
Orgasm blush
Biscayne park satin lip pencil

Touch up face products for throughout the day
Maybelline Fit Me Shine-Free Foundation Anti-Shine Gel Stick. This was amazing to keep in my bag and touch up any shiny spots during the day. Very important especially as on your wedding day you are constantly photographed!
Mac Fix + - perfect for keeping refreshed and ensuring you keep that fresh faced look. After 14 hours of celebrations, this isn’t always easy!

Shellac in Grape Gum, Liz from Romsey Holistic 

Let me know what you think of my bridal makeup and photos! Hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I do. A big shout out to my sister Sophie Cox who is so talented and designed all our wedding stationary, plus our lovely photographer Kirstin who captured some great shots for us. All my other suppliers for the wedding are also listed at the end of the blog post. a mixture from the UK and Germany. 

We designed the table decorations ourselves - very proud of these!

Frankfurt Cathedral

Wedding reception
Villa Kennedy Hotel, Frankfurt


Opulance ‘Anjou’, from Bridal Gown, Bella Bride and a Ball Southampton
Altered by Chrissie at Clever Sew and Sew, Southampton

Hair and make-up artists
Jenny and Aileen from Famous Face Academy, Frankfurt

Blumenroth, Offenbach

Wedding cake
Hotel Café Kinnel, Offenbach

Bridesmaid dresses
Amanda Wyatt, Wedded Bliss, Southampton 
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