Thursday, 24 February 2011

New Estee Lauder Pure Colour Nail Lacquer shades

I was kindly asked by Estee Lauder if I wanted to try out their new shades of Pure Colour Nail Lacquer shades, so I selected two light, pastel shades Pink Thrill and Nude Attitude. Both shades are absolutely gorgeous and so silky when you apply to your nails. I have played three games of netball this week and they still haven’t chipped or smudged. I would show you a photo but I have broken one of my fingers so it’s not very attractive!

These pastel shades are perfect for spring and on-trend for SS11 fashion!

You can buy the new shades in store now for £14 – well worth the money for a decent, long lasting nail varnish!


Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Gorgeous new spring products from Clarins

I am in love with Clarins new spring collection products and have been trying them out for the past few weeks so feel I can write a thorough review now. The gorgeous bright pink and purple shades have been brightening up my early mornings and I can't wait for summer now to properly wear them!

I love how silky and long lasting the colours are in this palette and can't wait to try the purples out with some bright summer outfits! The six shades are Golden Brown, Pearl, Dusky Rose, Pink, Violet and Lilac and contain a black powder eye liner as well. As palettes go, six high quality and usable shades is not bad value for £30.  

This  beautiful cheek colour contains 2 complementary shades of pink cheek colour; a matte shade which scuplts and an iridescent shade which highlights. This ensures that it looks much more natural on your skin, rather than shimmer overload and is really silky when appplied. I love this! The photos (sorry iPhone quality) make it look really pink, but don't worry the colour is very sheer and is not bright pink!

My photo does not do this gorgeous lipstick justice! It looks really dark but doesn't come out dark at all on your lips, just a gorgeous sheer purple tint with shimmer in.. And it also tastes and smells of blackcurrant (even though the shade is called grape) and has lipcare ingredients that leave your lips so smooth like a lip balm does. I have honestly never tried a lipstick that does this, as most lipsticks end up drying my lips even ones that claim to be moisturising! If you buy one lipstick this month buy this one!!!

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy 4 months on!

I thought I would post a few photos of my hair which I have taken recently to show you how well the Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy treatment I had done has lasted! I had the treatment at Haringtons in Southampton at the end of September so it’s been over 4 months. My hair is still much smoother and blow-dries straight and smooth very easily. It literally has changed my life (this sounds very dramatic I know!) but I can go out in the rain and not worry about thick, fluffy hair, I can wash my hair at the gym and not get stressed as my doesn’t hair goes wild and frizzy anymore! I do still straighten my hair if I have slept on it awkwardly and have kinks, or if I tie it up and then want to wear it down but generally I haven’t used the straighteners so my hair is in better condition!

The best situation was when I went to Spain in October last year and was the first ready out of my five girlfriends, as my hair didn’t need to be styled! Normally I’d be the last, getting hot and stressed in the heat trying to tame my hair and battle the humidity! I had longer to relax on the balcony with my sleek hair drinking sangria ha ha!

Hopefully it will carry on and last as long as possible, but I would be interested to see if after another treatment, it lasts longer. Like waxing – the more you have it done, the longer the hair takes to grow back! I have run out of the Keratin conditioner that came with my treatment and need to repurchase it but it’s a bit expensive at £20 a bottle!!

So what do you think of my hair now, has it persuaded you to try the treatment? I definitely recommend it if you have thick, fluffy, dry, frizzy , wavy hair like mine! I must also add there has been some confusion around the different types of treatment – Brazilian Blow-dries etc but this one was the Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy treatment so I can only vouch for the quality of this particular brand as there are many out there being offered by salons, that last different lengths of time and contain different ingredients!


Tuesday, 8 February 2011

London Fashion Weekend is back!

I’m really excited that Vodafone London Fashion Weekend is returning soon at Somerset House, from 24-27 February 2011! Last time I had a great day out with my two friends and ending up spending way too much money!  It’s the ideal event for anyone wanting to catch a piece of the Fashion Week action – with the added luxury of discount designer shopping. You can shop from over 100 designers selling their collections at amazingly discounted prices, Olivia Rubin, Twenty8Twelve and Juicy Couture (to name just a few!), get beauty tips and tricks from the experts and much more! I particularly loved last time buying some gorgeous jewellery from designers that I wouldn’t normally get a chance to buy from. 

If you are in London that weekend that I definitely recommend going along as it’s a great day out. The goodie bags are also fab – for £8 last time we had bottles of Juicy Couture perfume in ours! Downside was carrying them around London all day – ha ha!

For more event info and to book tickets visit 

See you there!


Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Aveda All Sensitive Moisturiser

I've been reviewing the new Aveda All Sensitive Moisturiser for a couple of months now over the harsh winter period and am happy that I can write a proper review now! This moisturiser is great for the winter and for dry, and very sensitive skin. My boyfriend has really sensitive skin and loves using this now as it's so soothing on his skin and great for an extra boost in this cold weather. It's a shame that it doesn't contain SPF15 so it can be used all year round, but I have been using it as a night cream as well to provide deep moisturising overnight :-) 

It also smells lovely too, but not too strong so perfect for sensitive skin thanks to extracts of caffeine, oats, rosemary leaves, lavender and soothing chamomile.  It’s fairly pricey at £33 but worth it if you suffer from sensitive skin and want a decent moisturiser that is smooth and silky, not thick and clumpy! Plus it’s a large sized bottle so will last for ages! 

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