Saturday, 27 June 2009

My pick of the bronzers - for under £12!

I hope everyone is enjoying the amazing sunshine we have been having today - lovely! Well I'm off out tonight with my friends for a 'neon' night so will definately be using my Sleek eye shadow palette for some neon eyeshadows! I have also been using the Body Shop's Tinted Glow Enhancer (£10.75) in medium, which is perfect for enhancing your natural tan on your face. It's a fairly pricey product but is really versatile and can be worn as an alternative to foundation, or applied over foundation to add a subtle sheen to the face and body. It's lovely and lightweight and definately brightens up your face and evens skin tone. It's probably not good if you have oily skin as it may make your face too shiny!

I also love the new No7 Starfish bronzer (£11.80) which has two different tones of powder and a silky vitamin-enriched formula thats easy to blend onto your skin. It smells really nice for a bronzer and looks natural on your cheeks, unlike some bronzers which can be way too dark. I like the packaging as well, which is in a cute compact so perfect for taking to the beach!

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Benefit Smokin' eyes!

I love the smoky-eyed look for a night out but it's really hard to master and ensure you have all the right equipment...! I am a big fan of Benefit's kits they do and love the gorgeous packaging. They have created a new kit called 'Smokin' Eyes' £26.50 which gives everyone a chance to master the art of smokey eyes! Starting with the eyes, the kit contains three complimenting shadows (LOVE the light pink shadow on the left!), mini liner, cream brightener and a brush, plus shaping wax and a pair of cute tweezers to hand. Plus the kit includes step-by-step instructions on how to create the perfect look - genius! It's also really small and will fit nicely in your handbag so you can touch up your look whilst out.

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Johnsons Baby Lotion - what a classic!

Johnson's Baby Lotion is a cult classic that everyone has known about for years - I am obsessed with the smell! Well, they have launched a new 'Baby Soft' range that hits the shops at the end of this month. I love the Baby Soft Wash(£2.99) that also contains baby lotion to help replenish moisture even when washing – perfect for busy girls who don’t always have time to moisturise afte showering.. tut tut!!! I must admit as I have dry skin, I still moisturise after showering when using this product but if you have normal skin then this should be fine! It's also suitable for babies if you have one (which I don't!) It's also £2.99 for a shower cream and moisturiser - bargain! Who else doesn't moisturise evey day after a shower? Some of my work colleagues said they only moisturise once a week, so I was a bit shocked!

Monday, 22 June 2009

Lee Stafford products for beach hair!

The past few weeks I have been experimenting with my hair a little bit, trying to avoid straightening it so much to improve its condition. I stocked up on some new Lee Stafford products to look after my hair. I suffer from frizzy, fluffy out of control hair, so the new Climate control serum is a must have! It has UV protection to help stop annoying colour fade caused by sunlight and the damage caused by UV rays. This smoothing potion even contains a heat activated thermal protector, where the heat from your hairdryer melts the serum into your hair creating a special film to protect your hair from thermal damage. Perfect for over-straightened, damaged, frizzy hair like mine after a day on the beach!

Speaking of beach, if you love the look and feel of just stepped out of the sea, naturally sun dried hair then the Lee Stafford Sea Salt Spray is just for you. It brings out the tousled, textured look you can usually only get after swimming in the sea (minus the afro as your hair is clean!!) With its ProMineral complex of Dead Sea salts and 26 minerals your hair will still feel soft to touch but with added bounce, definition and volume. As I have wavy hair, it enhances my natural curls and smells great too. If you’re a fellow frizzy/wavy hair sufferer like me, then these products are great value and a must-have this summer for your holiday!!!

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Smashbox Tinted Moisturiser review

I first fell in love with Smashbox when I visited LA a few years ago. Smashbox products are used on all the stars in LA and I can see why...! I tried a sample of the Smashbox Sheer Focus Tinted Moisturiser (£17.12) from Just Beauty for a few days and am really impressed with the quality. I have been using Benefit You Rebel tinted moisturiser and Clinique Moisture Sheer Tint for years, so haven't really been on the look out for an alternative brand. The lightweight, oil-free, tinted moisturiser is packed with vitamins and anti-aging peptides for naturally radiant skin. It contains unique citrus honey moisturisation technology that nourishes the skin as it absorbs excess oil throughout the day. There's also added UVA/UVB SPF 15 to guard against sun damage which is really important throughout summer. I'd definately consider purchasing a full sized tube for summer once I have been paid! Has anyone else tried Smashbox products and what do they think? Just Beauty Direct stock the largest selection of Smashbox products in the UK so well worth checking out.

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Body Shop Olive Glossing Conditioner

I have read quite a few reviews online about the Body Shop's Olive Glossing Conditioner, so was keen to try it out for myself! I'm a big fan of Tigi haircare products, so it will take an amazing product to convince me to swap brands! I straighten my wavy hair a lot, so I need a deep mositurising conditioner that will control my hair and relax it at the same time.

The Olive Glossing conditioner is a moisturising and gloss-enhancing conditioner that helps to smooth the hair, which I agree with, although you need to use the conditioner several times to really benefit. I noticed my hair was much smoother after using the conditioner for two weeks. It also helps to combat flyaway hair and recapture lost shine, leaving the hair looking glossy, healthy and full of body, without weighing it down too much. Lots of conditioners actually end up completly flattening your hair making it look limp and unhealthy, where as this conditioner makes your hair look healthy and sleek at the same time. Finally, it also protects from environmental damage and heat styling which is extremely important for me as I spend a lot of time out in the sun and straighten my hair regularly! There are two downsides to this product - the price and the smell! I don't really like olives, so the smell doesn't inspire me like Tigi and Herbal Essences products do. Secondly it's £5.35 for a fairly small bottle that I don't see lasting that long! However, these two aspects aside I do recommend this conditioner and will be buying it again as I have noticed an improvement in the softness and condition of my hair thanks to it's protecting qualities.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Oral-B professional care 8000 review

I have been using the new Oral-B professional care 8000 toothbrush for the past month, instead of my regular toothbrush. I'm really impressed by the toothbrush, which you can buy on Amazon for £35.34 which is amazing value for such a quality toothbrush. Most brushes that have all these extras cost over £60.

This product boasts 40,000 pulsations a minute and 8,800 side-to-side movement per minute which is obviously far greater than I was able to achieve with my manual brush, whilst also preventing against over-brushing. One of the most impressive and unexpected features of this product, for me, was the battery life. Using it twice a day for the recommended two minutes I was amazed that the battery lasted 3 weeks! Even more impressive than the two weeks that the packaging states! So there is no excuse not to take your brush with you away if you're going to a festival as you don't need a charger!

The built in timer on this toothbrush is also briliant to help you to clean your teeth by encouraging you to spend equal time on all areas of your mouth. There is a short stuttering sound every 30 seconds, prompting you to move on to the next area and then a longer stutter at the two minute mark signaling the optimum time to stop as recommended by dentists. The only negative aspect is the noise of the brush is quite loud and drill like!!!

So what do you think? Do you use an electronic toothbrush or a normal one?

Monday, 15 June 2009

Lovely day at the beach....!

I had a lovely day at the beach yesterday with my boyfriend and family so thought I'd write about what products I used to keep me looking and feeling cool throughout the day!

Before setting off, I used Simple Sensitive Protecting Facial Hydrolotion (SPF 25) and Simple Sun Sensitive Protecting Lip Balm (SPF 20) which both smell lovely and feel great on your skin, even if you have really sensitive skin. It's also really important to protect your eyes from the sun's damaging UV rays, so worth investing in a quality pair of sunglasses. Polaroid Sunglasses have a great reputation and heritage for quality glasses, and help you to see clearly (my gran SWEARS by Polaroid glasses), as well as protecting your eyes. The Extreme X4907B model (£73.99) is an excellent all-rounder that provides total eye protection and looks stylish too, providing you with great vision thanks to it's polarized lenses.

I also used:
- Malibu Babes Sun Protection Lotion SPF 20 Malibu Babes have some trendy products, with great packaging that contain ingredients like Carrot - yummy!
- Nivea Cooling After Sun Spray is a refreshing formula with aloe vera, provitamin B5 and vitamin E which helps restore your skin's lost moisture, soothe and protect against premature skin ageing. It's really easy to use and smells lovely and is extra soothing on sun-exposed skin! Definately a must-have for your holiday!
- Boots No 7 Colour Calming Make-up Base (£10.50) calms overly-rosy complexions with this clever colour corrector. Cool, sea-green tones neutralise unwanted blushes all day long, leaving your skin looking beautifully even. I used this to even out my skin tone, before applying foundation after having a slighty rosy face after all day in the sun !Let me know if you have used any of these products and what you think! How have you all been enjoying the sun?

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Clynol Look at Me range review for shiny hair!

I'm a big fan of shine sprays to finish off your look and add some shimmer to your hair! I normally use TIGI Headrush shine spray, which can be used before straightening to protect against heat damage. I was sent some Clynol Look Lustrous Shine Spray (£6.50) to try out, which has similar packaging to Headrush and smells lovely too. I've previously used Clynol products before through my auntie who is a hairdresser and used to get me discounts at Sally's!

Having used this product a few times, along with the Look at Me Centre Stage which smoothes your hair, my hair definately felt softer and shinier and smelt nice too after straightening! Plus the Clynol Shine spray is half the price of Headrush and leaves your hair just as shiny, so definately worth checking out!

Gripeze review!

Hope you are having a nice weekend in the sun! I have got loads of new suncare products to try out so look out for upcoming reviews!

I thought I’d write about my favourite new accessory called Gripeze, which is a heat resistant, non-slip silicone glitter mat designed for all hot hair tools like straighteners! I don’t know about you guys but I am always dropping my GHDs and they slide off my dressing table... pain! This mat grips onto your dressing table and protects it by absorbing heat to prevent damage AND changes colour when your hair tools are hot, giving you a warning – how clever is that! You can also simply roll our straighteners up in the mat and take with you when you are going away. The price is also really reasonable for £9.99 and they come in two different colours pink and black. Click here to buy!

Has anyone else tried the Gripeze and what do they think? Have a lovely weekend! xxx

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

The best Father's Day gifts - Splurge or save!

As I'm sure you all know it's Father's Day on 21st June and I will be getting my dad beauty products as usual! I have been checking out the best grooming kits from Elemis and Simple, thar are suitable for all budgets.


Elemis have put together a Shave & Protect grooming kit (£25) which is available now at Debenhams and John Lewis and save over 50%. Plus it comes in a really nice travel bag that is handy for trips away! The kit contains Ice Cool Foaming Shave Gel, Deep Cleanse Facial Wash, Daily Moisture Boost and Energising Skin Scrub. Also whilst shopping if you visit your nearest John Lewis Elemis counter and surrender your moisturiser to receive a complimentary 15ml Pro-Collagen Marine Cream worth £22.50! I'm a big fan of Marine Cream so definately recommend trying it out!


My favourite skincare brand Simple is offering a Simple for Men gift pack (£16.96) which has been formulated Aloe Vera, Tea Tree and Willowherb to combat the sensitivity caused by daily shaving. I love the gorgeous smell and they are full-sized products from the range. The set includes the Hydrating Face Wash, Soothing Shave Gel, Simple for Men Soothing Aftershave Balm and Hydrating Daily Moisturiser, all packed in a classic black wash bag. So there's no excuses for not getting your dad something nice now!!

PS - Simple have also launched the hunt for a Junior Board of Directors, which will be a 12-strong team of teens who will be advising Simple on the development of a new teen range due to be launched in 2010, meeting 4 times a year to advise Simple on everything form ingredients, packaging, marketing… So if you're a teen and fancy being heard, enter online at before 16th June! What a great idea!

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Products to review from the Body Shop!

I was very lucky to be sent a selection of goodies from The Body Shop which I will be reviewing over the next few weeks. 

My first impressions are that I love the smell of the Strawberry Foaming Bath and the Olive Glossing Conditioner and can't wait to test them out. The Tinted Glow Enhancer too also looks great for summer, to enhance a tanned face! Let me know if you have already tried any of these products and what you think!

Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Clearing Concealer

I love the new Anti-Blemish Solutions Clearing Concealer (£11.26) from Clinque, as it helps clear and prevent blemishes. and provides natural-looking coverage as spots heal. Normally concealer blocks your skin, so doesn't really help in the long run - where as this concealer actually helps get rid of the damm spot at the same time! It's available now in three skin tone shades including a green tint to visually correct redness. My new number one essential item, thank you Clinique!

Monday, 8 June 2009

Neutrogena Wave Cleanser review

The past month I have changed my skincare cleansing routine and finally got round to getting one of the most ‘buzzed’ about products this year - the Neutrogena Wave Power Cleanser. It’s the number one selling cleanser stateside, which is incredible for such a new product.

Is it me or new products this year seem to all vibrate?! First mascara and now cleanser...! The Wave Power Cleanser comes complete with 14 cleanser pads and 1 AA battery and costs around £13. It opens your pores with a cool cleansing foam that can clean deep to remove more dirt, oil and make up than traditional cleansing – which I agree with as it really feels like my skin is much cleaner and smoother. It’s also fantastic for cleaning your face on the go, as it doesn’t spray everywhere and make a mess so you can take it travelling with you! If you want super smooth skin, and you’re skin isn’t too sensitive then I really recommend this product! Has anyone else tried the cleanser and what do they think?

PS You can also get £1 off at !

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Remington Shine Therapy Video

Here is a video about the Remington Shine Therapy products!

Remington Shine Therapy hairdryer review

The past few weeks I have been using my new Shine Therapy Vitamin Conditioning Dryer from Remington that was kindly sent to me to try out to help my unruly hair! It's the first-ever hair dryer that conditions as it dries, leaving your hair looking great with the most incredible shine every time. I have blonde highlighted hair, so it is difficult to achieve a shiny look after blowing, but it was so much smoother and shinier after using this dryer. It features a heat activated delivery system that emits a sheer mist which is evenly ‘blow-dried' onto your hair. The Shine Therapy Cartridges release a light blend of shine-enhancing moisturisers and avocado oil, rich in vitamins A, D, and E that ensures your hair doesn't dry out. I really recommend this dryer if you suffer from dry, dull hair like me, for under £40 it is money well spent.

Remington are also launching a new mini straightener called 'Straightini' in July that will be perfect for holidays and festivals, so I can't wait to try that out!

Friday, 5 June 2009

Clothes Show London ...look who I saw!

Last Saturday I went to the first Clothes Show in London with my Mum and sister. The Excel centre is a much nicer venue than the NEC - it's very spacious, light and modern but the overall show was a lots smaller. The highlight of the day was seeing Katie Price signing merchandise from her new horse range - check out my photos above that my sister took!

I met the lovely Traci from Sleek Make-up for a chat about their new products. They have some lovely bright neon colours for summer that are a bit too daring for me! They also gave me the lovely eye shadow pallet in 'Storm' (see above) which was very generous! Benefit were also there for the first time, only offering 15% off which I thought wasn't great considering the good deals Bourjois and Barry M offer at the Birmingham show. I also got a lovely handbag from Max C London who had some great show offers that were very popular with fellow shoppers!

Overall I had a great day out at a wondeful centre (the press area had a lovely balcony outside where we could sit and enjoy the sun!) I was slightly annoyed the DLR and Jubilee lines were closed and I had to get a bus from Canary Wharf tube station - why close both of them on a major event! I think that put a lot of people off going as it wasn't busy for a Saturday. I'll definately return next year to see who else is there, but I wouldn't miss the Birmingham show as there is LOADS more to see there with better brands. Did anyone else go last week and what did they think?

Thursday, 4 June 2009

More summer make-up!

I have discovered some lovely new summer products from Estee Lauder's and Clinique's Bronze Goddess and Bronze Evolves collections that finish off your look rather nicely! I saw the Estee Lauder Soft Shimmer bronzer (£24.47) in this month's Company magazine and just had to try it! It's a really big sized product as well so will last ages and leaves a gorgeous shimmer on your cheeks and shoulders on a night out.

If you prefer blusher to bronzer (I love both!) then I recommend Clinique's new Limited Edition Shimmering Stripes Powder Blusher (£22.51) which consists of four different summer shades which create a healthy summer glow, without being too overpowering and obvious. Hopefully the sun will come out again this weekend so I can use these products!

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

New summer products from Virgin Vie!

I have always been a fan of Virgin Vie, especially as I used to work for them over the Christmas periods hosting parties! I love the new fruity Body Nutrition range, which is full of nutrient rich ingredients that smell good enough to eat! I use the Body Nutrition Shower Juice (£9.00), a gorgeous, zesty and invigorating shower juice to get you started in the morning. It includes skin softening Ruby Grapefruit Juice, Moisturising Raspberry Seed Oil, Orange Fruit Extract (renowned for its anti-oxidant properties) and exfoliating natural loofah to leave skin smooth and smelling delicious.
Before using the shower juice, I recommend using the Body Nutrition Body Scrub (£13.50), which is a gentle exfoliating body scrub to leave your skin gleaming. It contains a supercereal complex including shea and coconut butter to soften, smooth and moisturise skin. It's a must-use product this summer to get your body in condition for exposure! Has anyone else tried the Body Nutrition range and what do you think? It's a real thumbs-up from me for the lovely summery products!

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

The best new mascaras from Prescriptives and MEMEME!

I thought I'd let you know about two new mascaras from Prescriptives and MEMEME that have hit the shelves this month.  I have been religiously using my Clinique High Impact curling mascara past few months but thought I should check out these new products. 

Prescriptives Motor-Eyes Instant Action Mascara (£25.35) is a vibrating mascara, similar to the Estee Lauder Turbo Lashes that instantly turns up the volume, lift and curl of your lashes, while turning down clumping, spiking, flaking and application time. The vibrating brush quickly coats and separates lashes, to give your lashes extreme volume - I love it! It is fairly pricey at over £25 but so worth it for dramatic lashes and saves time in the morning when getting ready!

Superdrug brand MeMeMe have also launched their Fat Cat Lashes mascara, which retails for £7.99 and looks very similar in design to Benefit Bad Gal Lash with it's fat brush!  With this wand, you're supposed to be able to create a "false lash effect", which it doesn't quite do but it certainly perked up my lashes and looked just as good as when I have used more expensive mascaras (like Bad Gal Lash!) So definately a cheaper and in my opinion, just as good option if you are saving the pennies this month!

Monday, 1 June 2009

SPC Skincare Kiwi Complexion Scrub

If you're looking for a new brand to try this week then I recommend trying out SPC skincare, which is a luxury British brand, originating from the award winning SPA SPC at Stoke Park in Buckinghamshire. all products are manufactured in England and based on it's historic English heritage.  Three SPC ranges have been developed so far - Naturally Luxurious, Defining Luxury and Gifting. 

My favourite product is the Kiwi Complexion Scrub (£38.00) that I recommend to try to prepare your skin for the summer! It contains Kiwi seeds, fruit enzymes and walnut to gently exfoliate away tired skin and leave your face feeling smooth and revitalised. It also contains pomegranate which is renowned for its anti-oxidant properties. The experts advuise to use weekly to brighten up your skin, leaving it super smooth. So get out there and brighten up your complexion with this lovely scrub for summer!

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