Thursday, 2 April 2009

I love Prescriptives Custom-Blend!

On Saturday we were lucky enough to be invited by Prescriptives to try out their new custom-blend lipglos service, as well as having our very own custom-blend foundation created!  The Prescriptives Expert Blender identifies your skin’s undertone and creates shades and formulas that are perfect for your skin tone, so no more streaky foundation! 

A lovely lady called Jo, from the Prescriptives counter in Selfridges created our make-up for us. Firstly you have a consultation about your skin type and what sort of coverage you wish to achieve. Then, your skin tone is identified and the foundation is mixed up for you. Jo was really helpful and made adjustments if you wanted it to be lighter or darker. As you can see from my sister's photos above, the foundation matched her skin tone perfectly and so did mine. In fact, when I apply my foundation now you can't even see it on your skin as it matches so well. It leaves your skin extremely smooth and helps my dry skin feel radiated. It's not cheap at £44 but is worth every penny. I've got my secret formula written down now, so I'll be using that for life! I have also been using the gorgeous vibrant-C skin brightening cream moisturiser (£36) before applying my foundation, as it is the perfect starting base and boosts skin's clarity, translucency and luminosity. 

The custom lipgloss service is also equally fab and so much fun! You can create any colour, shade, texture and taste you want or match a specific shade or a favourite lipstick! I created a gorgeous fuschia pink shade, with glitter and a berry fragrance - my idea of heaven! For under £20, it's great value and is a perfect present for any female. You can see my photos above of Jo creating the lipgloss and my sister modelling the final result. What do you think - how good does my sis look? I'm not photogenic at all so I won't be putting any photos of me on here but I can promise you the results are great!
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