Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Clinique review by my Mum!

Sometimes when I am reviewing items I feel that it is difficult to give a 'proper' review, as I am not the intended target audience. Like anti-ageing items for example - I do take good care of my skin and cleanse, tone and moisturise every day but I am only 23 so who knows if it has an effect now!! However when buying presents for my mum I always take recommendations from reviews I read on blogs so thought I would ask my mum to write about her favourite eye cream which is her HG product. So here goes.. as written in the words of my mum! My love for Clinique is purely down to her, thanks to her always using Clinique skincare products and me secretly trying them in the bathroom!

'I was asked to review Clinique's All about Eyes (£22) by my daughter to see how it compared with other eye creams I had used in the past. As a lady fast approaching 50 I believe it is important to use the right products for your skin so I was intrigued to see if all about eyes could make a difference. The first thing you notice is just how creamy, smooth and light it is. The velvet gel cream glided over the skin, absorbed quickly and did not leave it feeling sticky. I applied it after my normal cleaning routine night and day under and over the eyes. The cream is a unique combination of botanicals, proteins and anti-oxidants that work to fade the look of under-eye darkness, decrease puffs and strengthen skin against enivronmental aggressors.

After just a couple of weeks use I noticed a huge difference. The dark areas had diminished considerably and it works very quickly to reduce any puffiness particularly first thing in the morning. It is the first time i have seen an eye cream make such as difference. I will certainly be continuing to use it on a regular basis.'

Thanks Mum for the recommendation! Who else has asked their mum to review products before?
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