Monday, 26 October 2009

Introducing Cloud Nine Irons

As I am sure you know I am a mad straightening addict and use straighteners most days *slaps wrists*. The day I discovered GHDs literally changed my life and I am being deadly serious. If anybody to this day asks me what the best invention has been, I will always say GHDs! I have thick, wavy hair that just looks ‘lumpy’ if I don’t style it, so love it after I have straightened my hair when it is sleek and shiny!

I was asked if I would like to try out a pair of Cloud Nine irons which was very generous of them as they are not cheap at £129.95 so thanks very much (There are three styles on offer, a regular iron, a micro one and one with wide plates which I tried). As a self-confessed straightening addict I jumped at the chance and have been really excited to try them out. They arrived in beautiful black and blue/green packaging, which looked really expensive and impressed me straight away (yes I am a sucker for good packaging – it is so worth it!) Cloud Nine irons have been created by the original founders of GHDs and provide a beautiful natural finish - without the heat damage. They allow you to achieve a vast array of styles, at lower temperatures than GHDs so your hair isn’t put under so much strain. They also have a secret ingredient trapped within the black ceramic plates, a mysterious element that adds shine and sparkle to the hair every time they're used. Obviously I can’t vouch for this after only using them for a few weeks but my hair does look much smoother and shinier since using them.

My only complaint about these great irons, which I have found with other brands, is that the plates are not as big as GHDs and when you run them through your hair quickly, they can scratch the hair. I can use my GHDs from any angle and they will not catch or scratch my hair. Having said that, when my hair was just washed and dried it didn’t scratch, so maybe it just does it with hair that isn’t freshly washed? Hmm...

But overall I am impressed with their quality and love the wide irons, as it means I can straighten my hair much quicker in the morning, The variable temperature setting is also really good if you have thinner hair (I wish!) that didn’t need as much heat! It would be interesting to compare GHDs with Cloud Nine after using both for a month to see the difference in hair damage – maybe I should do this?!

British Beauty Blogger also has a great review here on these straighteners - so the big questions is will Cloud Nine take over from GHDs?

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