Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Goody's Add & Shine jojoba-infused brush review

I suffer from really dry hair that has been abused by straighteners so was really intrigued to hear about Goody's Add & Shine jojoba-infused brush which claims to put an end to dull, damaged hair once and for all with jojoba infused bristles!

The Goody Add & Shine paddle brush is infused with nourishing Jojoba oil, and has soft, rubbery bristles which stimulate your scalp. You can’t see the Jojoba oil as it's released slowly as you brush and absorbed by the hair. The oil smoothes down the cuticle to stop natural moisture escaping, as well as providing extra hydration. So if you have oily/greasy hair then this isn’t for you!

It also means the effects are longer lasting than the 'just brushed' look you get from using a traditional hairbrush – your hair feels much smoother and softer. The bristles are also really soft as well – not the best for untangling but great for smoothing down your hair and removing annoying frizzes that are the bane of my life!

I also recommend using the brush alongside your normal hair products to make your hair super shiny and a frizz-reducing dryer like the Remington Shine Therapy dryer which I swear by. What products do you swear by for smooth hair – please let me know as I am always keen to try out new products!

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