Monday, 23 March 2009

How to achieve a gorgeous pink spring look..for under a tenner!

I have found two great products that help achieve glowing pink cheeks this spring that won't break the bank. First use MEMEME’s Poppy Tint (£4.88) (which follows on from Pussycat Tint) on your cheeks. Poppy Tint is a pink cheek and lip tint that is perfect for creating a subtle and natural blush on cheeks, and adds a burst of colour to lips.  It is very similar to the Benefit Posie Tint that is £22.50 so definately worth investing in if you're short of cash at the moment - Hey Dollface also agrees in her review on Poppy Tint. 

Finish off with a sweep of Colour Quilt in Rosy Bloom (£4.49), which is the gorgeous new blusher from Miners cosmetics that contains four sections of blendable colour that will leave your cheeks with a gorgeous, rosy glow.  You need to apply quite a bit to get a real glow, but you can definately see the effects. The best thing is you can achieve this glowing look for under £10 - what a bargain!
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