Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Fab products for sensitive skin

As you know my boyfriend has really sensitive skin, so the past few weeks both of us have been trying out products from Aveeno and Garnier to see which helps... and we love them both!

Aveeno's products have been specially formulated with Naturally Active Ingredients - ingredients derived from nature which have been shown to help optimise skin's health and beauty. The Aveeno Cream, which contains olloidal oatmeal combined with skin protectors, really helped relieve my boyfriend's dry skin and itchiness.  He said it was a great pain reliever! The only downside of the products that I found, was the smell - I didn't like it! But obviously that shows the products are completely natural and un-perfumed, which my boyfriend loved. Check out the website for more information.

The Garnier Body Sensitive range is also great for dry skin, as it has been specially designed to comfort dry & sensitive skin. It provides effective results against dryness and soothes the skin, as it is hypo-allergenic and perfume-free. It does smell much nice than the Aveeno products but isn't as natural. I love the Bodysensitive Milk Anti-dryness Restorative Moisturiser, which smells like E45 but is thicker and makes your skin softer!
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