Friday, 20 February 2009

Illamasqua - for your alter ego!

I must admit I haven't heard much about Illamasqua before checking out their website. So here is a little info about the brand -  Illamasqua is a night-time make-up brand that provides high-performance make-up to anyone who wants to self-express and accentuate their look beyond the norm - anyone who wants to discover their alter ego on a night-out. All this alter-ego stuff reminds me of my consumer behaviour lectures at university! Currently you can only buy Illamasqua products from Selfridge's beauty hall but they are expanding all around UK this month so will keep you posted on any news! 

My favourite products from the range are the nail varnishes £12.50, which look very striking on a night out and are extremely glossy. Check out their website for the best products to wear for your night out. 
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