Monday, 14 September 2009

Treats for sore feet!

I don't know about you guys but shoes in general reallly hurt my feet. A lot. I actually hardly ever wear heels anymore because I always end up with sore, rubbing feet and all my shoes are really old as I trust them not to blister my feet. All very attractive - not! Well I have been trying out some new products for my poor feet over the past few weeks, which is well deserved I think due to me neglecting them!!

I have unfortunately missed the Scholl Party Feet Diary competition (damm having no internet) but was kindly sent some products to try out instead. I tried the Scholl Party Feet Ultra Slim Invisible Gel Cushions (£4.88) when I went out last week with my friends and was really pleased with the results. They basically provide invisible cushioning to help prevent the burning pain in the balls of your feet, by effectively reducing pressure on the ball of your foot. I hate that feeling and get it every time when I wear a pair of heels out and then can't wait to get home and get them off!!! The now thinner, improved design provides even better comfort and allows 25% more space in your shoe than previous Party Feet Invisible Gel Cushions. I definately recommend these if you're wearing a thin, sandal-type shoe as they are really discreet and ensured that my feet didn't ache evening!!

I also have tried a similar range of products from Kiwi - the Kiwi Smiling Feet heel liners (£3.29) which have been fantastic when wearing new pairs of pumps for the first time. I love wearing pumps but it is guaranteed every time I get a new pair I will end up with a horrid blister on my heel - great!! The Smiling Feet heel liners are designed to be worn in any style of closed back shoes, to prevent slipping and rubbing, and improve comfort. They definately helped look after my poor heels and have meant that I can wear new pumps - hurrah!

My advice is if you suffer from painful feet and blisters to definately try out some of these products as both brands have a massive product range (I like the sound of the flip-flip strips!!!) for all parts of your feet! They are all unbder £5 as well so worth it to save having painful feet all evening and having to plaster yourself silly the next day!
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