Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Organic Surge product review

I was asked a while back (six weeks ago) if I would like to review some Organic Surge products. I follow Organic Surge on Twitter and am a big fan of the brand so was more than happy to review some of the products. Organic Surge claims their products love your skin and feeds it what it craves; naturally-derived, skin-loving ingredients and organic essential oils, which are certified by the Soil Association. I am a sucker for cute packaging and I love the packaging of the products - for organic products (which normally have dull packaging) they look really trendy.

I particularly liked the Daily Facial Wash (£4.99) and Super-Intensive Daily Moisturiser (£7.99) which I have been using every other day, for the past six weeks. I must say that the moisturiser is incredibly thick and isn’t the easiest to rub into your skin – so if you don’t have dry skin then this isn’t for you. However, the Daily Facial Wash is a lot lighter and smells lovely, which I believe is the Rose geranium essential oil. It’s quite a distinctive smell and I love the fact that organic products can smell so lovely. My face is left feeling super-clean and it’s perfect to use in the morning after getting up!

I would love Organic Surge to bring out an SPF 15 daily moisturiser as I use always use moisturisers with at least SPF 15 in them – I am not entirely sure if that’s possible to be an organic product but thought I would say it! I’d also like to try out the Skin Perfecting Polish as well as I am a big fan of face scrubs! Finally Organic Surge also has developed a Detox Diaries iPhone Application app, which was created for people who are looking for motivation in dejunking and purifying their lifestyle. The Detox Diaries provide fun and daily health and beauty tips and follows the story of one normal woman called Megan who undertook a proper Detox for six weeks! You can see the results video below – I don’t think I could Detox for that long though despite the results!!

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