Thursday, 17 September 2009

I am off on holiday - time for the Bikini Goddess 5 Day Challenge

Hey guys just to let you know I will be off on holiday tomorrow for 12 days - off to sunny Spain! I will miss blogging and religiously reading all the blogs every day but am enjoying getting a total break away from work and hectic life! I thought I would write about how I have been preparing to reveal my 'bikini body' ! According to Gillette Venus Embrace, 97% of women dread revealing their body on holiday, which I can totally relate to and so can the women in the video below.

I was sent an amazing bikini body kit from the lovely ladies at Gillette Venus in a cool beach bag. Inside there was a lovely yellow bikini top, some Aussie haircare products which I will be taking with me on holiday, along with a Gillette Venus razor and some shaving gel. They actually challenged to me to test the Venus razor against a rather scary Wilkinson Sword Quattro for Women Bikini. I have to admit I tried it once and was scared with the evil looking trimmer so gave up! I am generally not a fan of Wilkinson Sword razors as I find they don't shave as smooth as my trusty Venus. I am a real baby as well so won't touch waxing and find the Venus is great for your bikini line. You also don't get horrible red bumps like other razors so I am happy! Thanks Gillette for the lovely kit and I can't wait to keep trying out the products on holiday. You can also get expert tips and advice on feeling like a bikini goddess this summer by visiting

Hope you all have a nice few weeks and look forward to catching up on all the blogs when I am back!
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