Sunday, 6 September 2009

Elemis Visible Brilliance

Hope you are all having a nice weekend - hopefully I will have internet by Friday, thank god! Sky are going to get such a big fat letter of complaint.. .hope they are prepared lol!

Anyway I am ranting again sorry - back to the beauty post. Elemis kindly sent me a sample of their new Visible Brilliance serum (£40) which they have spent two years researching and developing! Wow! This product is designed for all skin types and ages, actively targeting the skin’s metabolism to brighten, lift and re-energise dull, fatigued and stressed skin. Harnessing the power of multi-minerals including Copper, Zinc and Magnesium combined with Red Seaweed, Swiss Garden Cress, Blonde Pea Protein and Dew Bean it revitalises and re-energises the skin to restore and repair for instant radiance. I was really keen to try out this product as I suffer from dry, tired skin so recommend it to anybody who always suffers from this! I have been using it in the morning and evening for the past two weeks and have noticed that my skin is much softer and smoother. It's a great base to use before applying foundation as well, as skin is super-smooth and radiant! I will be carrying on using this product for ever now - thank you Elemis!

I have also noticed that QVC have the whole Visible Brilliance Collection available to buy for £39.90 - what a bargain considering the RRP of the serum is £40.

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