Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Radox Shower Goodies!

For a tasty shower I totally recommend the new Radox Shower Smoothies, which smell lovely and feel great on your skin. The packaging cutely reads 'Please do not drink' in case you get confused with a smoothie drink   ;-) My favourite is the Natural Balance one, which is a luxurious Yoghurt and Honey flavour with Hyssop and Soft Almond bits. It also thoroughly moisturises your skin which is an added bonus and are great value at£2.50 each.
Also Radox have released a brand new Tea Infusions Range - shower and bath products infused with tea, which contains powerful antioxidants perfect for helping to revive and replenish the body and mind. The bubble bath is a real treat after a stressful day and soothing for tired skin.

Has anyone else tried the new range or a fan of the Shower Smoothies?
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