Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Gorgeous retro mugs from Truffle Shuffle

I am off to Rome tomorrow morning for a well-earned holiday! So I sadly won't be able to blog while I am away but I will be back on Tuesday! I thought I'd leave you with a non-beauty related post about this gorgeous Barbie Mug (£5.99) from, one of the UK's leading online retailers for retro apparel! 

As you all know I am moving into my new flat next month (photos to follow soon!) so I have been busy looking for the coolest items to fill my flat! This gorgeous mug is decorated with a swirly print of Barbie, along with the slogan 'When You Look This Good, Nobody Cares If You're Plastic,' and also comes packaged in a matching gift box which is bright pink (of course!)  What do you think?
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