Tuesday, 26 May 2009

I'm back....!

Hi guys, I'm back after a lovely five day break to Rome! I had a lovely time looking round the lovely sites, eating lots of food and getting a tan! I was a bit sad to miss out on the Barry M event as I had to work but heard it was a great day.

Anyway I thought I'd write about the key products I used throughout my trip. It was extremely hot, so suncream was a must. I used Estee Lauder's Sun Goddess Body Lotion SPF30 to protect my skin, which smells lovely and glides on your skin so easily with a beautiful shimmer.  I have also found two great new bronzers that I used all holiday. I am gutted I couldn't attend the event last week but I love their new Natural Dazzle Bronzer (£9.50) which many bloggers including Hele and Bubblegarm have been comparing to Nars Laguna bronzer. I haven't use Nars Laguna but I can recommend Natural Dazzle for it's sheer coverage that isn't too heavy but covers inperfections. For mineral lovers, the new Prescriptives Mineral Bronzer provides a natural sun-kissed glow., featuring R.E.C. complex (Radiance Emitting Crystals—a unique combination of Amethyst, Rose Quartz and Calcite). It's all also really good for your skin too, so perfect for hot days in the sun, ensuring your pores don't get too clogged with make up. It's also available in two glowing shades of warm or cool.

What do you think - has anyone else used these bronzers?
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