Saturday, 1 August 2009

My favourite products for the shower!

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend despite the hideous weather! I am at my mum's house tonight so am making the most of the internet! I thought I would write about my favourite products for the shower, as there are so many out there where are you supposed to start?! Anyway here goes - let me know what you think!

Best product for sensitive skin - Sanex Sensitive Shower Gel

As I have said before, my boyfriend has sensitive skin so finds it really hard to find a shower gel he likes that doesn't irritate his skin. He has been trying out some products from Sanex and is really impressed. The Intensive shower gel helps your skin to work to its natural best by stimulating the skin's natural processes. It also contains soothing Vitamin E which help leaves your skin feeling moisturised and much more comfortable. The products are also really cheap, under £2 for a big bottle of shower gel that works really well - what a bargain!

Best smelling product - Body Shop Strawberry Shower Gel

I looovveee strawberries and their smell, so have always been a big fan of the Body Shop's strawberry range. The shower gel in the range smells amazing and makes your skin so smooth after using. If you use the body butter as well after your shower, then you are guaranteed to smell like a strawberry all day - lovely!!

Best revitalising product - Garnier Bodytonic Sugar Scrub

This product has received the thumbs up from a lot of bloggers who attended the Garnier event and I have to agree with them - this body scrub is fabulous! It smells great and a little bit goes a long way which is really good for a body scrub as they don't normally last that long. I have been using this several times a week in the shower to smooth out my skin and am really impressed with the results - my skin is sooo smooth and has started to feel a lot more toned! I definately rate this as the best body scrub ever and urge you to try it out for yourself!!

So what do you think - what are your favourite shower products? I'm off to use them all in the shower now...!
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