Monday, 10 August 2009

Help combat frizzy hair!

Hi guys, hope you had a nice weekend! Wasn't it nice to finally have some nice weather for once! I went to the beach on Sunday which was so nice and went swimming twice in the sea (not good for the hair afterwards = straw) I had to wash my hair quickly and go out with the boyf so used my new Daniel Galvin Jnr's Crowning Glory Anti-Frizz Gloss Serum which I haven't had a chance to use yet. I wasn't really expecting much as I am a bit of a Tigi girl myself, but actually am really, really impressed - wow! I have thick/wavy hair which can be difficult to maintain but after using this serum once last night my hair is soft, shiny and smooth. It also smells so fresh and yummy - thanks to the organic cucumber and melon essential oilsand extracts. All you have to use is a 5p size amount of the serum (don't apply to the roots as it will make your hair look greasy) and leave to dry for natural, sleek waves. Plus it is only £4.99 from Waitrose so you can include it in your weekly shop!

What do you think, has anyone else tried this product? What are your top tips for sleek hair (I need them!)
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