Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Wow poundland - where everything is £1!

Ok I admit I never really venture into my local Poundland shop (too busy, always hot etc!) but I was asked if I wanted to review some products, so I thought why not! I was sent a lovely bikini which costs £2 in total and is great for the beach; it survived my holiday well and looked good with a tan! I also love the beach towel – £1 for a towel is a real bargain and as it’s slightly thinner than normal beach towels it fitted perfectly in my beach bag. I would definitely recommend popping down to your local Poundland store – it is cheaper than Primark and the stuff is really good value, you can’t go wrong! Obviously if you are looking for a slighter better quality item then its not for you, but for a two week holiday it is fab. Check out what's on offer here!

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