Monday, 17 August 2009

Prescriptives All Skins Mineral Makeup review

I hope everyone had a good weekend? I still don’t have any internet – I hate Sky argghhhhh so am really missing blogging over the weekend L Hopefully should have the net in a few weeks so will keep you posted!!

Anyway onto more positive things – Prescriptives make up! I thought I would tell you about an amazing product I was sent a few weeks back and have been using religiously since!! Prescriptives All Skins Mineral Makeup SPF 10 is an all-day liquid mineral foundation that stays fresh and lasts up to 16 hours, while helping protect with non-chemical UVA/UVB sunscreen. It also contains an exclusive R.E.C. complex (Radiance Emitting Crystals--a unique combination of Amethyst, Rose Quartz and Calcite) to give skin extra luminosity and makes it really glow! I love this foundation as it is really light, but gives enough coverage (which I think tinted moisturisers don’t) and is good for your skin being a mineral product. It also blends in easy and looks really natural AND contains SPF 10 so has been perfect whilst we have been having this lovely sunny-ish weather! It is a little pricey at £24 from House of Fraser, but I think it is worth it and would recommend it if you have fairly good skin that needs brightening up!

What do you think? Has anyone else tried this? Have a nice evening lovelies…! xxx

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