Wednesday, 29 July 2009

The Little Rebel straightener and hairdryer

Still no internet at home arggh BT are so rubbish!!!! So apologies again for the lack of posts! I have also got my new Samsung Pink 12 Megapixel camera now, so can take some photos of my own again – yay! I thought I would write a quick post about two really cool items from Little Rebel that I was sent before I went away, that sadly didn’t arrive before my holiday…. But I have been putting them to good use at the gym!

Basically the Little Rebel range is a professional haircare range and actually works like one – but is more than half their original size! You can see in my photo how small the hair dryer is and weighs less than a bottle of moisturiser, so fits perfect in my gym bag and will be fantastic for my next holiday! Normally I always take my hair dryer with me on holidays as I don’t trust hotel dryers, so will be brilliant to save space with this little beauty!! The straighteners also heat up to 200 degrees which is fab for miniature ones – so perfect for the gym and to take out on an evening out. Because of their size, it would take me forever to straighten all my hair as it’s so thick but they are perfect for touching up and on holiday when you don’t worry so much. They are available for the bargain price of £24.99 each from What do you think - I recommend these to everyone as a must-have for the summer!!

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