Thursday, 22 January 2009

Tangle Teezer - miracle new hair brush!

I'd heard quite a bit about Tangle Teezer brushes from Dragon's Den so was very keen to try the brushes out. I have quite long, thick hair that has a tendancy to get tangled easily so was hopeful that the brush would live up to it's promise of dramatically reduce hair breakage, splitting, and damage due to mistreatment of your hair.

The brushes come in several funky colours (I tried the purple sparkly one) and only cost £9.75. Plus they aren't too heavy so can fit nicely into your handbag. The brush lives up it's promise and glides effortlessly through my hair, even when it was wet! Normally when I brush my hair I am left with bits of hair everywhere and this was definately reduced when I used the Tangle Teezer. As an added bonus, the brush also massages your scalp whilst brushing!

I recommend the Tangle Teezer to anybody with long, thick hair that get's tangled easily and is subject to slight straighten abuse (like me!) Click here to buy now!

Updated... Look magazine have also featured the Tangle Teezer here too!
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