Saturday, 10 January 2009

Latest products from Prescriptives

I've always been a fan of Prescriptives from visits to America over the past years. They have some great new products out for the New Year which are definately worth checking out. I particularly love the new Flawless Face Primer (£18.60) which gives your skin a smoother, more even looking texture so makeup looks flawless and stays on even longer. It also reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkles, while helping diminish the appearance of rednesss (amazing!)  Use before applying foundation so that it lasts longer throughout the day and is available really soon at Prescriptives counters nationwide from 15th January, 2009. 

All You Need+For Eyes Continuous Action 24-Hour Moisture (£21.53) has vitamins, plant extracts and time-released ingredients that work together to keep the eye area hydrated, smooth and radiant.  Perfect to help recover from all the post Christmas partying and really soothing on tired eyes, it's so soothing after a hard day at work - bliss! Hopefully Prescriptives will have a UK website soon but you can buy products from counters in House of Fraser nationwide apparently! 
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