Tuesday, 13 January 2009

An introduction to J.Lynne Cosmetics

I was recently sent some lovely samples of the new collection of mineral blushers from J. Lynne Cosmetics who are based in the USA. Their soft mineral blush range is created with silky, all-natural minerals and pigments which feel lovely on your skin. I think mineral make-up is definitely the area to watch for 2009 and I am looking forward to trying out all the new products that companies are producing. It certainly feels nicer wearing mineral make-up on your skin than normal products that contain tons of chemicals.

Here’s a little more info on J. Lynne Cosmetics for all my US readers. J.Lynne is a natural cosmetics company located in the suburbs of Phoenix, Arizona, whose mineral makeup products are created in small batches and are completely free of chemicals, synthetics, fragrances and dyes. Plus they have 20% off their products at the moment so definately a site worth checking out. 

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