Sunday, 9 November 2008

Graduation party beauty routine!

My graduation was this week, which was fab and allowed me to try out all my best beauty products in the evening!! Firstly, I used the new Fructis Blonde Shampoo thanks to my German in-laws, which is lovely for shiny blonde highlights. However, it’s not yet available in the UK :-( but watch this space! To finish off, I used products from the new James Brown hair range - high gloss serum spray and shine and fragrance spray, which are perfect for party hair. Both are now 2 for £8 at - click here to buy! 

I took my trusty Braun Cordless straighteners with me, which are always on hand when you need them. They are ideal for refreshing or touching up your style, especially when it rains!! I really can't live without them...!

I love the Scrubilicious Coconut body scrub from Delicious which exfoliates and smoothes the skin before wearing a slinky dress. Their mint foot butter is also fab for silky-smooth feet. After showering I applied Organic Surge fresh ocean body butter. Boosted by pure plant extracts, the natural and organic products work together with no harmful build-up of chemicals on your skin. The company also works with helping African orphans to provide them with a better future. To finish off I used nail varnish from Karpati in Mocha Moments, which is free from dangerous chemicals and available from Selfridges priced at £9.99. The best bit about this brand is you can slip the bottle onto your fingers (as you would a ring) and paint away! 

Before applying my make up, I used Witch Radiance Serum which is light, oil free and contains light reflecting particles to ensure your skin is glowing and radiant. Love it! The most important part of my routine is taking off my make-up, where I used my trusty Witch face wipes (£3.99) and Garnier Nutritionist night cream… oh and plenty of water before bed!!
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