Monday, 29 November 2010

It's Clothes Show Live time again!

I'm really looking forward to going to the Clothes Show Live again on Saturday for the seventh year running! If you haven’t been before, then you must go it’s amazing and has everything you can need under one roof, especially getting bargains for Christmas presents. Plus this year they are introducing an all new craft area, Sknitch, and The Dance Show! It is very busy and always hectic so if you can, go on a weekday but if you work Monday-Friday like me then Sunday is definitely a better day (sadly I can’t get there on a Sunday).

I’ve put together a few tips from my years of visiting the Clothes Show if this is your first time!

1) Wear comfy clothes and shoes as you will be walking A LOT! Particularly if you park in the car park and have to walk to the entrance! The show is also massive so you will be walking around all day!
2) Bring a suitable bag to carry your purchases in. The best thing I ever did was buy a granny trolley and pull it around! It saves my neck from crippling with all the bags, especially when it’s busy and you are trying to buy things!! Saves a lot of stress and pain!
3) Bring lots of cash with you. There are always huge queues for cashpoints and they charge you for withdrawing cash. Unlike the Excel Arena where the London Show is hosted, which has lots of cashpoints and don’t charge, NEC isn’t as modern and convenient sadly! 
4) Allow enough time for queuing. Stands like Juicy Couture always have a massive queue and you can waste an hour just stood in the queue – how frustrating! There are also sometimes large queues for the toilets as well.
5) When you start shopping in the morning, head for the opposite end of the show which will be less busy! If you can get there as early as possible, then again there will be less people.
6) Take food and water with you, as the food is expensive in the show and outside the show only offers places like Subway. Plus you waste precious shopping time walking around for food! 

Tickets purchased between the 3-5 December for Clothes Show Live and The Dance Show include entrance to both shows and include a dedicated seat in the Fashion Theatre. Tickets are on sale now. Call 0844 581 1256 or visit for more information on Clothes Show Live. 

Let me know if you are going and if you have any more tips I have missed out! I might be running a competition tomorrow so keep your eyes peeled! 
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