Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Nivea tinted day cream

Just a quick post tonight as I am off to watch a football game in ten minutes! I have been looking for a new tinted moisturiser for my holiday in a few weeks, and have found a great one from Nivea, my favourite skincare specialists. The NIVEA VISAGE Q10 PLUS ANTI-WRINKLE Tinted Day Cream is part of Nivea's proven Anti-Wrinkle Care System, working in two key ways to protect against daily external influences. What I love about it is it protects against sun damage with UVA + UVB protection SPF 15 and also works as a light foundation really brightening up your skin. I love the smell of this product, compared to other tinted moisturisers like Benefit's You Rebel which can smell a bit strange. It also really moisturises, which again other tinted moisturisers don't do so well. It's only £6 in Boots so I urge you to try this out - perfect for summer (when it finally arrives!)
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