Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Benefit Sugarbomb photos & review

I have read a few mixed reviews about Benefit's Sugarbomb, so was intrigued to try it out and have my say of course :P As I'm sure you know Sugarbomb has a mix of four gorgeous shades - peach, soft plum, shimmering pink and rose.  A few people have said that it doesn't provide good enough coverage for a blusher, but it's not actually a blusher it's a face powder, which is much better for me as blusher on my warm skintone can be a it scary!

I really love the gorgeous colour when all four shades are mixed together (see swatch above - sorry it's not too clear) which gives my face a nice, warm glow that blusher doesn't give me! I prefer Sugarbomb to other Benefit face powders like Dandelion, as it gives a stronger colour and shows up more, but is more subtle than blusher. Benefit products are pricey with this one costing £23.50 but it is unique and will last for ages, so well worth investing if you're not a blusher girl, more a highlighter girl like me! Plus the packaging is as cute as ever, which ALWAYS attracts me to Benefit products.

Who else is a fan of Sugarbomb?
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