Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Herbal Essences Beautiful Ends review

If you're a fan of Herbal Essences, you'll be excited to know they have launched a new range called Beautiful Ends, which is targeted for people that have hair with split ends (who doesn't?!) Thanks to my straightening addiction, I do have a few split ends that I try to look after & ensure they don't get any worse. I recommend the Split End Protection Conditioner Red Raspberry & Silk which helps protect your hair against split ends and breakage. The smell is gorgeous, as you would expect containing raspberries, and also contains silk extracts to smooth hair. This is definitely my favourite range from the new Herbal Essence ranges (I LOVED the old ones a lot more) as it has a much more appealing smell and really helps keep my slightly dry hair smooth. The products are also priced under £4 so great value - thumbs up from me.

Who else has tried this new range - do you prefer the old-style Herbal Essences like me?
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