Thursday, 28 January 2010

New Olay products

I thought I’d let you know about the latest new products from Olay to hit the market that are completely innovative and are amazing. My particular favourite is the new Definity Colour Enhancer which is a moisturiser, serum and foundation all in one! The unique 3-blend formula goes beyond reducing the look of wrinkles to fight discolouration and brown spots and gives you sheer, even finish too. An SPF 15 moisturiser + anti-ageing serum + sheer foundation, it smoothes out your skin tone, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and gives you an instantly radiant complexion and great coverage. It is pricier than Olay’s standard products at £29.99 – but then it does contain 3 products all together including SPF15!

Olay have also launched the Regenerist Daily 3 Point Treatment Cream, which claims to deal with hard-to-treat areas - the eyes, jaw line and neck. It contains Olay's most concentrated amino-peptide formula ever and is well worth trying out if you suffer from wrinkles. I’m a bit too young to vouch for it making a massive difference but my Gran is a big fan and loves the smell and texture and would recommend it.

I hope that helps if you are looking at trying out the new products from Olay!

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