Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Neutrogena Deep Moisture review

As a sufferer of dry skin, I LOVE Neutrogena's new intensive moisturising range, Deep Moisture. As you probably know I hate winter so much and live for the summer and have to moisturise constantly during the winter. I have been religiously testing out the Deep Moisture range the past few weeks and am loving it. I also like Garnier's Hydralock, which is similar but not as moisturising.

The Deep Moisture range promises to keep dry skin soft and supple for 24 hours after just one application, thanks to a new formula which allows the thick, fast-absorbing cream to penetrate through 10 layers of skin. Wow I didn't even realise I had ten layers of skin! The new range includes Deep Moisture body lotion for dry skin, Deep Moisture body lotion for sensitive skin and Deep Moisture Comfort Balm which can also be used on your face. My favourite is the body lotion which smells amazing and when applied is absorbed really easily, which is so important for me when buying a moisturiser!

So get down to your nearest drugstore and stock up for winter!!

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