Friday, 31 October 2008

Braun Satin Hair Range

Warning: this range will change your life! I absolutely adore, worship, love, want to marry the new Satin Hair range from Braun, which is perfect for my thick, unruly hair. To be honest the hairdryer is soooo fab you don't really need to use the straighteners, as my hair was already so sleek! I love how the hairdryer adjusts temperature whilst you dry, so you don't overdry hair. This ultimately reduces the frizziness of your hair - magic! To finish off that party girl look, use the 
Braun Satinstyler achieves lustrous curls while offering the ultimate hair protection. 

Here's the scientific bit: The Satin range features superior Satin Ion Technology which releases a stream of negatively charged satin ions simply by the touch of a button.  These satin ions are attracted by the positively charged frizz sitting in the hair and envelop every single strand.  This natural conditioning reveals outstanding shine and the amazing smoothness of satin hair. The unique Satin Protect drying which balances heat and air flow, protects the hair and prevents dry out and enhances the hair’s smooth texture.

The Satin Hair range includes the Satinliner, Satinstyler and Satinpro and are available from selected retailers and by calling Braun on 0800 783 7010. Prices start at Satinliner £69.99, Satinstyler £34.99, Satinpro £29.99 - Bargain!
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