Thursday, 30 October 2008

New Durex Play O has the greatest news for women this year - if not ever!

Apparently only 1 in 3 women orgasm, that's just 32% - compared to 63% of men? That's sooooo not fair!!! However, the greatest news for us unsatisfied women - there is a solution! Rejoice, I say! Durex has created the most sumptuous product of the whole year - Durex Play O! Durex Play O (£14.99) is a premium orgasm enhancing gel for women that has been created and tested by women using a unique combination of ingredients that will not only stimulate, but increase a woman's desire and enable her to have the most intense orgasm of her life! Yippeeeee I say! I would love to tell all you ladies the results but I know my Mum reads my blog - so you just have to try it out yourselves! I'm keeping quiet.... :-) Available from Boots.
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