Friday, 1 March 2013

Piz Buin Wet Skin Sun Spray

Yesterday evening I attended the exiting pool party press launch of Piz Buin Wet Skin Sun Spray at the Henderson Hotel in London. I'm a big fan of Piz Buin and their allergy range in particular so was intrigued to find out more about their latest launch. Unfortunately I was a  bit late and missed the Aquabatique show in the pool. 

Piz Buin has created a Wet Skin Transparent Sun Spray in SPF 15 and SPF 30 to provide wet skin with protection from the sun. Apparently this is a key period where you are likely to burn your skin, the drying off process after getting out of the water. I always lie down for at least 10 minutes and let my skin dry which is a real danger period for burning. 

The new products can be applied directly onto wet skin, by cutting directly through water and forming a barrier between the formula and the water droplets. The spray can also be used on dry skin too. The ingredients used include polyester, resin and silicone and are included to ensure fast absorption of the oil, and vitamin E protects from free radicals and skin ageing. The Piz Buin dermatologist also told us that Vitamin E is a key ingredient to look out for in your suncream, as it helps to stop ageing from the sun. There are no plans for the moment for the range to include a face cream which is a shame as I don't usually fancy spraying suncream directly onto my face!

I will do a full review of the products when I go away in June but wanted to let my readers know about the new product as it launches this week. The products are priced at £17.99 for 150 ml and launches nationwide this week in the usual stores. Look out for the special promotions Boots and Superdrug usually have in the run up to summer to get a good deal.  

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