Friday, 15 February 2013

My new hair: THE CHAPEL Islington salon review!

I was offered the chance to visit THE CHAPEL Hair salon in Islington, London for a hair makeover which I jumped at as the salon website looked very impressive. The salon exterior is just as spectacular as you can see below and was an excellent first impression. I also quickly learnt customers are referred to as ‘guests’ and receive the standard of hospitality you would receive from a first class hotel so I knew I would be in good hands!


The atmosphere at THE CHAPEL is described on their website perfectly – “luxurious, tranquil and exclusive whilst being inclusive to all who visit.” Mobile phones and children are not allowed which is amazing as you feel totally relaxed and not rushed like when visiting other salons. Pricing wise the salon isn't cheap and probably not something I’d be able to afford too often (boo!) but what I do like is the ‘per hour’ fee rather than a set price. THE CHAPEL has a revolutionary pricing system and charge for the time needed for your hair rather than for set services and products. This means the stylists are free to be creative and can achieve the best possible, individual result. The team members are not influenced by a restricted list of options they are simply intent on originating hair styles and colour which are distinctive and personal. The pricing range is £49 - £80 per hour and is based on the stylist's experience and the length of time they have been at the salon.

 Every 'guest' gets a complimentary 15 minute consultation so the stylists can really find out what you want and get to know you better. This is where I first met THE CHAPEL Directors Billie Crago and Georgia Denton who introduced themselves and asked about myself and my lifestyle. This was a nice start to my experience at THE CHAPEL and ensures you feel totally relaxed when discussing your hair. In some salons I feel like the stylist just starts cutting and doing what they think you should have, rather than what you ask for. You don't get that at this salon at all and it's very refreshing. I asked for a natural cut and colour, with a blunt cut and a new fringe!

Once I had my colour applied by the lovely Billie I got to relax in front of the fire and wait for my colour to process. I enjoyed chilling out here with a cup of tea and yummy chocolate, plus the latest edition of Elle magazine, so much so I nearly fell asleep! Billie also gave my hair a pampering deep treatment and head massage whilst washing out my colour which was amazing and relaxed me even further. I definitely recommend trying this if you visit the salon!

The Chapel also offers make-up services using BECCA make-up - you can out more about it here. 

The  lovely, open cutting area where Georgia cut my hair

 I love the gorgeous colour Billie created for me using her 'Floating Lights' technique. The Floating Lights technique is where highlights are graduated through the hair, starting very softly at the roots then building up concentration down the length of the hair shaft. You can be as subtle or as dramatic as you like but without being committed to maintain it. Billie also works with Redken and is extremely passionate about colour so I enjoyed her company and learning about the colours and techniques being used on my hair. The Redken  Chromatics colours used on my hair look really natural and shiny which is what I requested so I am very happy. Maybe next time I might go a bit darker if I am braver! 

My new fringe!

Here is the final result after my new fringe and blunt cut by Chapel Director Georgia Denton. What do you think? Look how shiny my hair is! I've had lots of positive comments from online and offline friends who like me with a fringe. I am still getting used to it but I love it! Thank you to THE CHAPEL for such a fantastic experience and particularly to Georgia and Billie for making my hair look so beautiful. If you live in London or are visiting and fancy an amazing, luxury experience then make sure you visit THE CHAPEL. I will definitely be back next time I need a pampering experience for my hair.
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