Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Alessandro nails launch in the UK!

I love trying out new brands that are launching in the UK and German nail brand alessandro did not disappoint. I always buy my nail products in Germany as I love the choice of products for such good value. The brand focuses on the use of gel and at the heart of the range are 99 colours available in regular polish, UV polish called Lac Sensation and colour gel. This means that nail technicians can match every colour with whichever medium they think best, which is unique to the alessandro brand. Alessandro’s range also consists of a new patented formula to ensure colours do not chip and are long lasting.

When I tried the Exotic Strawberry shade below, I loved how shiny the polish was and how strong it felt on my nails. One coat also lasted all week as well, which is unheard of for me as I play netball. The high colour intensiveness is due to a new UV absorber, which protects the nails and include a high gloss shine. Definitely worth trying out if you play sport and find nail varnishes chip so easily.

The polishes don’t seem to be readily available in salons yet, as they are for the professional market so look out for them in salons very soon. I did manage to find them on Amazon for £8.95 though if you are desperate to try out!

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