Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Aveda All Sensitive Moisturiser

I've been reviewing the new Aveda All Sensitive Moisturiser for a couple of months now over the harsh winter period and am happy that I can write a proper review now! This moisturiser is great for the winter and for dry, and very sensitive skin. My boyfriend has really sensitive skin and loves using this now as it's so soothing on his skin and great for an extra boost in this cold weather. It's a shame that it doesn't contain SPF15 so it can be used all year round, but I have been using it as a night cream as well to provide deep moisturising overnight :-) 

It also smells lovely too, but not too strong so perfect for sensitive skin thanks to extracts of caffeine, oats, rosemary leaves, lavender and soothing chamomile.  It’s fairly pricey at £33 but worth it if you suffer from sensitive skin and want a decent moisturiser that is smooth and silky, not thick and clumpy! Plus it’s a large sized bottle so will last for ages! 

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