Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Gorgeous new spring products from Clarins

I am in love with Clarins new spring collection products and have been trying them out for the past few weeks so feel I can write a thorough review now. The gorgeous bright pink and purple shades have been brightening up my early mornings and I can't wait for summer now to properly wear them!

I love how silky and long lasting the colours are in this palette and can't wait to try the purples out with some bright summer outfits! The six shades are Golden Brown, Pearl, Dusky Rose, Pink, Violet and Lilac and contain a black powder eye liner as well. As palettes go, six high quality and usable shades is not bad value for £30.  

This  beautiful cheek colour contains 2 complementary shades of pink cheek colour; a matte shade which scuplts and an iridescent shade which highlights. This ensures that it looks much more natural on your skin, rather than shimmer overload and is really silky when appplied. I love this! The photos (sorry iPhone quality) make it look really pink, but don't worry the colour is very sheer and is not bright pink!

My photo does not do this gorgeous lipstick justice! It looks really dark but doesn't come out dark at all on your lips, just a gorgeous sheer purple tint with shimmer in.. And it also tastes and smells of blackcurrant (even though the shade is called grape) and has lipcare ingredients that leave your lips so smooth like a lip balm does. I have honestly never tried a lipstick that does this, as most lipsticks end up drying my lips even ones that claim to be moisturising! If you buy one lipstick this month buy this one!!!
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