Monday, 8 December 2008

Fantastic day shopping at the Clothes Show Live!

So I am back from the 20th anniversary Clothes Show Live and have had a great day shopping and enjoying a great catwalk performance, with the Saturdays in it!

Armed with my trusty trolley, I hit the Juicy Couture stand first, as it's my favourite bit about the Clothes Show..well usually it is! NOT this year! We queued for 1 hour 15 minutes, which was crazy as I have never waited for that long before. The products on offer were not worth the wait and were obviously from last year or before. There were no purses, limited tracksuits and actually had more products on sale for dogs than women it seemed!!! Anyway, despite the negative start, the Clothes Show lived up to it's usual success and is definately worth a visit for some Christmas presents!

My favourite zone is always the pink zone - for beauty addicts like myself! But here are my top five purchases of the day:
  1. Gorgeous dresses from Closet (managed to get £15 off lush black/brown dress)

  2. Ben Sherman watches and belts from Intercity Watches (£5)

  3. TIGI Bedhead products - 5 for £35

  4. Jelly Pong Pong make-up goody bag (£12) - gorgeous products at a bargain price

  5. Diamente clutch bags from a stand I can't remember the name of - £5!

Biggest disappoints - don't bother wasting your time!

  1. Juicy Couture (looooonnnng queue! and not many products on sale compared to last year)

  2. All Saints - soooo messy and couldn't work out what was on offer and how much it was!

  3. Rimmel make-up - was it actually on offer???

  4. Company magazine selling out before I could get one :-(

All in all, I had a brilliant day as I always do at the Clothes Show and can't wait until next year for the show in London - 29-31 May 2009!! I WILL BE THERE! If you haven't yet gone to the show, get down there for some last minute bargains as there will be loads!
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