Thursday, 16 September 2010

September Ins and Outs!

I have just got back from (another!)holiday in Spain and already have post-holiday blues! It's freezing here compared to Spain and feels like I have gone from Summer to Winter overnight! So after reading Amy Antoinette's post on her holiday, I thought I would write a similar one to cheer myself up! 


* Having a tan! 10 days in Spain has left me with a lovely golden glow which I am desperate to maintain for as long as possible! I think I will be slapping on the tan maintainer, as there's not much chance of topping up my tan in the UK now! My hair has also nicely re-highlighted itself thanks to the sun!

(Lovely view from my apartment balcony in Spain)

Nails Inc Coveted collection nail polish from I love the bright colours in the collection and have fallen in love with Brook Street, which is a hot coral shade. 

* I am having a Keratin treatment at Haringtons in Southampton on Saturday! My wavy, thick mop of hair is the bane of my life so I am very intrigued and excited to try this treatment. Only downside is I can't wash my hair for 72 hours... I don't know how I am quite going to manage that!!

* Before holiday I also won an Aussie Rescue from the Aussie Hunks! Ok it was a bit cheesy and the Hunks weren't really my cup of tea (they turned up late and changed in the car park opposite my office - doh!) but it provided some entertainment in the office for a Friday afternoon!


* The end of summer! Packing away my bikinis and summer clothes was v depressing this week. I am not looking forward to the cold weather and hate wearing jumpers :-( I also miss the long summer evenings and swimming in the sea on holiday. The salt water does wonders for my skin.

* The cost of clothes on the high street will rise by as much as 8% next year because of a cotton shortage and a planned VAT hike :( Not good for. the bank balance and a tragedy for the people of Pakistan whose lives have been destroyed by the floods.

* The poor performance of Southampton FC! Ok so not beauty or fashion related, and most of you won't even care but we have managed to lose four games in a row after being pre-season favourites to win the league.... enough said!

Hope you are all enjoying September - let me know if you have had a keratin treatment!


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